New weight coach

Ethan Pringle, Reporter

Coach Jerrod Watson started a Nike run club over the summer  for the students and parents of the Greenwood community to keep everyone in shape. He made it a competition and got a lot of the community into it. Now, he has joined the GHS staff as the new strength coach.

When asked what was the biggest change in the weightroom from this year to last,  Junior Alex Honeycutt said “I think that this year everyone is willing to work harder because of how much we all respect Coach Watson, because we know he will give us 100 percent of his effort so we are going to give him ours,”

Senior Matt Jobe thought it was time for a change in the weight room. He said “ as an athlete I don’t think we were getting very much out of our previous program. Coach Watson pushes us harder and plans the lifts better. He is also much more passionate about our sports programs and attends all the games,”

 Coach Watson has goals this year for his students. “ Character, effort, toughness. I want us to be great people, I want us to work as hard as we can all the time, and I want us to be tough, physically and mentally,” He said.