Volleyball senior night starts the season


By Gentry Appleget


The girls volleyball season kicked off Aug. 17 with Senior Night. For the first time in recent history Senior Night was the first game of the season due to COVID-19.  

“I would rather have Senior Night at the end of the season because the team is closer and it’s a lot more meaningful, but it was a smart decision to have it at the beginning given the circumstances,” senior Siena Halfaker said. 

Senior Night can be a crucial part of the season.

 “I think it’s important they have a Senior Night, and this guarantees it where they might not get one at the end of the year, “ junior Jenna Armstrong said. 

Due to COVID-19 the team has had to overcome many obstacles. 

“It’s weird not being able to bond with the girls like usual. We normally go out and eat before games or hangout together, and we haven’t been able to do that, but we’ve been able to bond in other ways. We have bonded by overcoming Corona obstacles together and we all practiced together this summer on our own with no coaches,” Armstrong said. 

The Lady Woodmen also had to adapt to a new coaching staff. 

“We met the new coaches on a Zoom call, and it was really good. They are young and connect with us a lot, and they bring a lot to the volleyball program,” senior Karmyn Mayo said. 

Some might find it difficult to adapt with the virus and new coaches, but senior Ashlee Walton said it was to her team’s benefit. 

“Having to get a new coach and working around Corona has helped us grow as a team because we did a lot of team activities over the summer without coaches and got to really bond before the season ever started,” Walton said. 

Even with all the hurdles, expectations for this season are still high. 

“I have high expectations for this season because of all the freshmen we got this year. We were able to move a lot of people up to varsity. We definitely have a team we can count on,” Walton said.

 For Mayo, it is the amount of experience that gives her high expectations for this season. 

“I think we will do good because we have a lot of experienced seniors and a lot of returning varsity players. There’s a lot of experience on our team this year so we should put up a good fight against big teams like Franklin and Center Grove,” Mayo said. 

As expectations for this season’s performance is high, expectations for a full season are not.

 “I think there’s a good chance we will have a shortened season due to Covid-19, but I’m staying hopeful we get a full season,” Walton said.

In an effort to keep all of the athletes safe, new rules are in place for this season.  

“This year we’re not switching sides, we’re not giving high fives, we have to wear masks off the court, and the chairs are socially distanced on the sideline,” Armstrong said 

Are the new rules enough though?

Are the new rules enough though? “I’m not really worried about getting it (COVID-19) because I think everyone is taking the proper precautions,” Mayo said.

 “I’m not really worried about getting it (COVID-19) because I think everyone is taking the proper  precautions,” Mayo said. 

Other teammates said they are at high risks of contracting COVID-19 off the court.

“I’d be more worried about getting it in the classroom than at volleyball,” Halfaker said.

The girls just want to have a full season.

 “My junior track season was canceled, and I would hate to see volleyball season follow,” Halfaker said,”