Students attend Black Lives Matter protests

Students attend Black Lives Matter protests

Charli Graves, reporter

At this point, everyone has heard about the protests regarding Black Lives Matter. To many, it’s no surprise that the black lives matter movement has gained momentum in the past two months as many are fighting against social injustices.

GHS students feel very passionate about the prejudices that they have seen lately in the country.

“All of the situations that have been going on lately have made it very difficult to have a voice and it’s given me an opportunity to use my voice and address the situations that have been going on with race problems,” Junior Pihelli Zekalo said

Everyone has heard about the protests downtown, but no one talks about the small community protests that were held in greenwood.

“I went to the protest in greenwood. I wanted to go downtown but my mom was afraid it would get violent. I really wanted to support the movement though so I went to a smaller one,” senior Ava Leininger said.

Pictures and videos circulating the internet have featured violent, crowded, and loud protests. However, the small protests in Greenwood were quite the opposite.

“It was very peaceful actually. I’d say it was a big crowd of people, but they were all cooperating. There was only a small amount of people that showed up and yelled horrible things at us, but no one even really payed attention to them,” Leininger said.

 With the movement being such a huge controversy in the United States, there are bound to be some that disagree with protesters.

“There were two guys that came to the protest when we were having out moment of silence for the people that died in these situations and police brutality. They were yelling all lives matter and there was a lot of debate but we just stayed calm and didn’t acknowledge them,” Zekalo said.

Standing up for what you believe is right is always scary because there is always someone who will disagree with you, some to a violent extent.

“I wasn’t scared of any of the protesters or even the cops. The only thing that made me nervous was the counter protesters that showed up. They were blaring their horns at us and screaming horrible things. If anyone would have become violent, it would have been them, but they didn’t even do anything.” Leininger said.

Since the movement is based a lot on the concept of police brutality and there are many videos circulating the internet of cops getting violent, the cops at the small protests did not even really associate with protesters.

“There were probably like six cops there and they were just standing there outside of all of the protesters staring at us. They didn’t really do anything they were there just in case things got violent,” Leininger said.