Greenwood gardening club startes the new year


By Naomi Weaver

Abby Stuber, reporter

With the challenges being faced this year, the gardening club is looking forward to do what they can to improve Greenwood. 

I’m really excited about expanding the garden and working with students to make Greenwood a little greener during these stressful times,” Mr. Figy, Gardening Club sponsor, said. 

The club has attracted a lot of students who are excited to do something good for the school. The focus is still on growing the club and with members who are excited to participate. 

“When Mr. Figy and I had the first call-out meeting for Gardening Club, we couldn’t have been more excited by the passion students brought each week–even for the students with zero experience. Our biggest hope is that the club will continue to grow each year,” Mr. Derek Fischer, sponsor, said.  

They also plan on expanding the garden itself. The central focus is to grow produce and eventually provide for families. 

“Our main goal is expanding! We received numerous donations both for our soil and hydroponic gardens. Our goal is to put three more beds in to spread out and grow more, while also growing produce in the hydroponics. These both will hopefully give us the chance to donate to any students who want fresh produce and in the future raise funds through produce sales,” Mr. Fischer said.  

Already, the club has had their first harvest of the year. 

“We have been overwhelmed by how much produce we have gotten out of our tiny space. We had so much that even after each student took a big box home we donated more to each teacher willing to take some,” Mr. Figy said.