Cultural representation worthy of praise

When the live-action Mulan was supposed to release on March 9, I immediately made plans to watch it with my sister.  Growing up Asian-American, I bonded with the cartoon Mulan. In the Disney Princess age of the 2000s when everyone was rushing to buy Cinderella dolls, I held on for dear life to my Mulan.… Continue reading Cultural representation worthy of praise


Why you should vote/volunteer

The three most terrifying words threatening our generation are: “voting doesn’t matter.” Timberlines has always advocated for young people to be involved politically no matter where they stand on the issues. We could not call ourselves journalists otherwise.  We as students are well aware of how exhausting the political process can be and how easy… Continue reading Why you should vote/volunteer


Woodmen basketball prepares for season opener

Last season the Woodmen basketball team had a fantastic run in the State playoffs to win a Sectional title, and if it were not for the COVID-19 virus outbreak, who knows how far the Woodmen would have gone in the playoffs.  With the new season right around the corner, higher expectations are in place for… Continue reading Woodmen basketball prepares for season opener


Trunk-or-treat brings community together

Student Council hosted its first Trunk-or-Treat last night. Trunk-or-Treat is an event similar to trick-or-treating, but instead of getting candy from homes, kids get candy from the trunks of cars. “Trunk-or-Treat took place in front of the high school. People parked in the band lot and then walked the staff parking lot loop. The trunks… Continue reading Trunk-or-treat brings community together


Fall Sports Recap (cross country & tennis)

Boys tennis had a successful season all around. According to Coach, Jeremy Runge, the whole team had a great season and played well. “I would argue that most of our year was the highpoint. We just played really well throughout the whole year. It was just consistent good tennis. We played hard and backed it… Continue reading Fall Sports Recap (cross country & tennis)


Varsity Football Recap

At one point, this year’s football season seemed improbable; however, the season has gone on, and the Woodmen have had a season to remember. From the beginning of the season, the varsity team has taken advantage of rushing the football and demoralizing their opponents for all four quarters of the game. “Something that our team… Continue reading Varsity Football Recap


Students Dressing Up for Spooky Season

Dressing up in costumes is one of the most fun parts of Halloween. Going to parties, passing out candy, or just doing it to do it, dressing up for Halloween creates long lasting memories. The memories made during Halloween could be pretty specific, but sometimes, it is just the mood that is the most memorable.… Continue reading Students Dressing Up for Spooky Season