The Woodmen take on the Quakers in the pool

On Monday, the swim and dive team will take on the Plainfield Quakers at home after suffering a loss last year.  “Training has been going well. While my performance in training could always be better, I have been happy with where I have been and how my strokes have progressed through our time back in… Continue reading The Woodmen take on the Quakers in the pool


Lessons to learn from the election

After a tantalizing five days after the first Tuesday following the first Monday in the month of November, the divided States of America finally selected their next President-elect, Joseph Biden. This monumental election showcased a number of flaws and lessons to be learned in this American democratic society. Lesson 1:  Our Electoral College is flawed.… Continue reading Lessons to learn from the election


Midstate cheer goes virtual

In order to adapt to the restrictions given due to COVID-19, the GHS competition cheer team has entered their routine in competitions that take place virtually instead of in person. The team has been practicing in the mornings and evenings several times a week. Although practicing often, the team has faced many struggles since they… Continue reading Midstate cheer goes virtual


Mighty force

With the help of student and teacher volunteers, homes all around Greenwood are prepared for the winter. Winterization took place for the 28th time on Nov. 14. Volunteers raked leaves, cleaned gutters, trimmed bushes, and cleaned windows at the homes of senior citizens “This year we are helping out 41 houses, which is typically our… Continue reading Mighty force


Election Story

After an election full of controversy the 2020 Presidential Election is finally over. On Saturday, November 7th, former Vice President Joe Biden became the United States’ 46th president.  Freshman Amber Hayden explained how she feels about the outcome of the election and what she hopes for the future of the election.  “I am pleased with… Continue reading Election Story


GHS takes on new hybrid schedule

Greenwood High School and Greenwood Middle School recently made major changes to how everyone will attend their classes. Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, most Johnson County schools have switched to a hybrid learning model. GHS has been taking precautions to avoid this change as much as possible, but the decision was made per… Continue reading GHS takes on new hybrid schedule