• Teachers receive GEF grants to better classroom opportunities

    The GHS community truly does care about its students. The Greenwood Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that awards grants to teachers in order to enhance learning experiences at all

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  • Gamers strategize every Tuesday

    It’s an average Tuesday afternoon, where all kinds of people flood into Mr. Cruze’s room. You can hear all sorts of different games being played as well as the phrases

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  • Graduation requirements change

    The state of Indiana is taking steps to restructure the paths students will take to graduation; this means change at GHS. “The state is changing the goals that students will

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  • Winter guard competes

    Fifty-five guard groups were supposed to toss rifles, swing flags and perform choreography for an audience full of hundreds of strangers at the annual Greenwood Winter Guard Invitational last Saturday.

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  • Entrance to get a face lift

    The Greenwood administration is making strides to make GHS the best school possible. In order to continue improving, the front door entrance to the school is getting a makeover this

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  • GHS’ first “Snoco”

    School history is being made tonight, as it is the first year in many years that GHS will have a winter Homecoming—Snowcoming. The basketball team will take on the Perry

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  • Wrestlers Prepare for Sectional Meet

    As the wrestling season nears it ends, they must prepare for Sectionals. It is a big step going from middle school to high school varsity, for freshmen “It is such

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